Monday, October 23, 2017

I Believe In You

You know, one of the scariest things in life, I think, is to… share with someone who’s not family, who’s not super close friend, umm, your dreams… for your life. And the most amazing thing is to have that person then support you, and believe in you, and give you more confidence that you can succeed at those things then you had yourself. Umm, yeah, like, that’s amazing! And I got to have that experience not too long ago which, umm, partially helped boost my, uh,…uh, goal to, uh, keep this going. Umm. And also just…uh, boosted my self-confidence in myself and in my…belief that I could make the things that I wanted happen. And that’s…crazy to me. Umm, I mean, I’m, you know…like, I had those goals and I had people who believed in me, and…all of those things. But…to have someone…that I wouldn’t have expected…I mean, not because they’re, I don’t think that people should believe in me. But because…I just…I don’t have that experience. So I…shared that part of myself and their immediate response was: You’ve got this. You can do this. Well of course you can do that? Why wouldn’t you do that? And my brain… had like a freak out moment where it was like: wait, that’s not the words that I was expecting to hear from them. …And…I…It’s just a…I…there’s…so many, so many emotions and so many things. But…to actually have that belief…can do so much. So it…makes me wanna…go out and believe in other people. You know? And share that sense of, of not having…boundaries put in front of you when you share something crazy. Umm, so yeah, positive thought for the day. Have a good one!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Out With The Old

All right so…another huge life event today, uh, well this week I guess. A couple of days ago I bought a new car, YAY, (laugh). Love new cars. Umm, and so today I sold my old car, which was kind of exciting, uh, but also very, very sad. Cause you know when you use something for a really long time, or you’ve owned something for a really long time, you finally decide that it’s time to get rid of it and pass it on. And then there’s that…post-ownership depression, I guess would be the best term for that, ah, shmeh, meh. Umm, but it, yeah like I was happy that I was selling my car cause I, I sold it to someone who really needed it. Umm, but at the same time I’d had that car for eleven years so… there was a little bit of my heart breaking as I saw them drive away in my car. Umm, yeah it was very sad. But, you know, I guess that’s kind of life, you know the passing off and realizing the things that you don’t need anymore.  Umm, and so you’re finally ready to step over them, or pass them off, or… you know whatever. And those of you who know me, know that I have a really hard time with getting rid of things that have sentimental value. So this was like… a big deal. Umm, but yeah I’m super excited about my new car. Umm, it’s…it’s very, very pretty. I’ll have ta…umm, post some pictures or something on here,…or… I don’t even know. But it’s a great car. Umm, so yeah, it just got me thinking about the things that we hold onto in life and, umm, when we decide that it’s time to, umm, purge those things from our life. Purge in a good way. Umm, you know, that… to step out of our comfort zone and get away from the sentimentality of it and just….clean house so to speak, sometimes literally. Umm, so yeah, so that’s my, my random thought for today. Hopefully you’re having a great day and hopefully this either gave you a laugh or, you know, just was fun to watch, (laugh). Thanks!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Goal Setting

Goal Setting. So I have been terrible my entire life with goal setting. But, lately I have been making progress on figuring out what I want to do and making plans to get there. So, today I realized just how amazing it is when you make progress of some kind, small step, big step, doesn’t matter what it is. But if it’s the right step, then, all of a sudden, you’re motivated to do so much more. Um… And that, just seems crazy to me, like, the, the change in my thinking, to be more positive. And the change in my energy level, umm, just from making changes in my life that are allowing me to get closer to the things that I want for myself. Umm…And it, you know I never really got it before. Umm, listening to people talk about: well you need to set a goal, then you need to set smaller goals, and you have to do this. And it…I just…I was like: that’s too much that’s… I can’t handle that. But…Now it kind of puts it in perspective so that I can make those changes better. Umm…So clearly one of them is to get back to my blogging. Umm…or vlogging, cause it’s a video log. Umm, but I…just thought…and was inspired to share that. That you know, if you find the right goal, you’re gonna get there. Umm, or you find the right step. Take that first step whatever it is and that sense of accomplishment and just the change in your perspective, depending on what it is, umm, can make a whole world of difference. So…good luck and thanks for listening and, and hopefully this…gave you some insight. I don’t even know. But, I’ll see ya’ll next time.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Georgiana Darcy's Diary by Anne Elliott

Hi ya’ll. I just finished reading, today, a book called: Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliott. And, basically what it does is it…takes the story of Pride and Prejudice and continues it. And I guess there’s, she has a whole series of, uh, books, so I’m definitely planning on checking those out. Umm…So Georgiana Darcy’s Diary is obviously Darcy’s sister, Georgiana. And it’s written in diary format, which is really interesting. Umm, it allows the voice to be that of the speaker in a really interesting way and it’s her…umm… life at Pemberly with, uh, Darcy and Elizabeth and, umm, sort of, it’s her chance at romance finally, cause those of us who are fans of the book, um, know that she was….umm…tsk, taken advantage of when she was younger. So it’s nice to see her get her, umm, chance, uh, at romance, so it’s a really neat…umm…storyline. And it’s really well written. I was actually really impressed with how close to Jane Austen’s writing style, umm, Anne Elliott was able to get. So…it’s still, it takes you back into that world without being… extra, umm, difficult. So you can sort of jump right in and follow along and it’s a really neat…umm…neatly written book. So, I definitely recommend it. I will probably check out some more of her books, umm, to see where else she takes these characters post, uh, Pride and Prejudice. And, umm, yeah, that’s all I have to say, so, we’ll see you next time.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Tamed By You" by Kate Perry

Transcript of Video

All right, so I just finished reading a book called Tamed by Love by Kate Perry, which is the 7th book in her “Laurel Heights” series. This is a book series set in the Laurel Heights neighborhood in San Francisco, CA. It is a…upper class? Upper, middle class? Uh, neighborhood that is full of small little boutique shops, and so the series takes place around the umm, very…independent, and, umm, strong women, who…run those, uh,…businesses that are, uh, in that neighborhood. 

So this book is based on a character by the name of Valentine, who is a matchmaker. And she’s trying to find her way, because she’s not a very good matchmaker. And she’s realizing that that’s the case, that she’s not very good at it. But she is really good at, um, computer science and developing, umm, computer applications, and phone applications and things like that. And she’s trying to decide how to break the news to her mother who she inherited the matchmaking business from, to tell her that she’s really not a good matchmaker. And she falls in love with a very quiet, uh, former prizefighter named Ethan, and we’ve seen him a little bit in previous books, cause you know you always do in these series romantic fictions. And she’s friends with other characters that we’ve seen in the books before, and it’s very fun to, umm, get a chance to follow up with those characters as always, and to see how they, umm, relate to each other throughout the book. 

And, umm, the neat thing about Kate Perry’s series is that there’s always 2 story lines. Umm, sometimes they’re connected, and sometimes they’re not. This one doesn’t really connect until the very end of the book. Which is really nice, so it’s, ummm. Characters that we’ve seen in other books, which doesn’t always happen, But it’s nice because in this book you’re following 2 story lines of characters that you’ve already connected with. Umm, and that other story line is, uh, Tony or Anthony, and Sophie Martinou who is an actress who has come to the San Francisco area to stay at Tony’s house, umm, she’s kind of squatting in his house, which is kind of funny. That creates a whole dynamic that is hilarious. And, they’re, umm, circling around each other for a lot of the book. And, so you get to follow both of these…uh, great story lines and see two very different, umm, love stories develop. 

And that’s the neat thing about these books is that, umm, the story lines are very similar, umm, the love…romantic relationships are…similar. The relationships…umm…as I repeat myself, sorry, … they umm, while the circumstances are different, cause the, the four characters are, are very different people. Their…uh, status of , uh, where they are in their…love path is similar. So they’re facing, umm, they’re concept of where they are romantically is very similar. So you’re watching them go through these romantic relationships, umm, and, and fight it in the same… way, or fight it differently, but they’re both kind of on the same path to finding this, you know, their new romantic relationship. That you as a reader are clearly like “you need to get together”.  And, uh, they’re fighting it. And it’s very fun to read these two story lines. And you fall equally in love with all 4 characters, which is nice, umm. And you, she writes very well, Kate Perry does. Umm, Is very good at…uh…filling out all, both stories, so you’re able to follow along with both of them equally well. So it’s not, she doesn’t spend…more time on, umm, uh, obviously she spends more time on the A story, which is the, for this book is Valentine and Ethan, but you get enough of the B story, umm…that you are satisfied…with it. So that’s, it’s very nice. You, you get sort of 2 stories in one with these and it’s very exciting and, and you have a lot of fun with it. Umm, it’s a great series, it’s umm, it’s light, and, and fun, and, there’s, there’s you know, there’s enough back-story, and, and enough story to it that it’s, you sink your teeth into it. But it’s not so much that, uh, it’s a light, fluffy read. You don’t have to think to hard about it. You can kind of just, uh easy, breezy run through it, and, and you get it going and, and through it and it’s fun. It’s a fun read. Easy to get through. Umm, but not so empty, that it’s just fluff, there’s a lot of heart to the story as well. So, umm, if you’re looking for a fun, easy read that gives you just enough crunch to get, get through the day then I would check it out. The “Laurel Heights” series, Kate Perry, number 7, Tamed by You. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Maid For Love and Fool For Love by Marie Force

Transcription of Video

Ok, so, I just finished reading, umm, the second of a book series by Marie Force. Umm, and I’m actually gonna to do a review of both the first and second books. So, this is, umm, Maid For Love, that’s M-A-I--D, and Fool For Love by Marie Force and these are the, uh, first two books in her series, “The McCarthy’s of Gansette Island”. They are, umm,  really, really good romance novels based on, umm, a family, uh, that owns a Inn in, on this island, umm, that, uh, is based on a place, I guess, that Marie Force has actually been. She used to spend summers there. Umm, and it’s uh, this great, uh, you know very, …umm…, what’s the word I’m looking for?…Internalized community? Ummm, so everyone knows everybody else, uh, even the summer people who come and stay every summer. Ummm, you’re not really a tourist because everybody knows you cause you’ve been there before. Umm, but, uh, you, uh, you’re known, everyone knows who you are. Umm, so everyone has a history, and everybody, umm, has,,,, uh…, knowledge, and, you’re, you know it’s hard to break out of those stereotypes that you’ve grown up in. So that’s kind of the basis behind the first book, umm Maid for Love. 

Umm, there’s something about… Marie Force’s writing that she… you know, romance novels are very…fluffy. There’s a lot of …fiction, clearly because romance novels are fictionalized. But, …you …get a lot of truth in the characters that Marie Force writes. While, they’re still very fluffy and there’s that, you know, clearly it’s gonna have a happy ending cause it’s a romance novel. Umm, there is a lot of, uh, …realism, I guess, to the way that she creates her characters. Umm, and that’s what I really like…about…her writing. There’s, umm, just…something…real, and, and she brings a heaviness, I guess, to the way that she writes. All of her characters have pain, and, uh, a past, and there’s, uh, something they have to overcome, that,  to be able to find love. That she just, she brings this real, sort of, down and dirty aspect to her writing. Umm, and, so it’s really, really neat, umm, to see in her writing. 

And, of course, umm, being a series of books, there’s, is really great, because, you know, clearly, there’s this family, that, you know, so, you’re gonna have all of these books about all of the people in this family. And so the first book is umm based of, on, the story of the oldest brother, Mac, who falls in love with a maid, ha ha Maid,in the, at the Inn. She’s one of the housekeepers. And, umm,…it’s, it’s a great story. She’s, you know, she’s a down on her luck, she’s been, umm, she’s had trouble since she was in high school, like there’s, she’s got a whole past. And she’s, she’s never gonna fall in love with this guy because he’s one of the McCarthy’s and blah da blah da blah. So there’s a whole lot of, uh…uh…bad blood between them? But they’re able to come together because he’s a great guy, and. He’s got his own issues, but they work together and they come together to, umm, fall in love and they just, it’s this great thing. Umm, it’s a really well written story, and has, you know, uh, some very good, hard hitting…moments. Ummm, just in the fact that, you know, there’s, uh, things that they both have to overcome and they do that really well. 

Fool for Love, the second book, is, umm, the youngest Mccarthy child actually, so the daughter Janey, and Joe, …uh…, who is actually Mac’s best friend, funnily enough, who has been in love with her since they were, you know, kids. But she was dating her high school sweetheart and they were gonna get married, and, umm. you know, Joe’s been suffering for her for a long time, and it’s very sweet. Umm, and of course, she, uh, he was, her fiance, was going to…school to be a doctor in Boston or some such place, and ends up cheating on her and she finds out and there’s this whole big fiasco, and, umm, of course she turns to Joe who has been this big brother like guy. And she doesn’t want to tell her family, so who could she go to, but Joe? And so then that sets up the story for how they fall in love. And it’s just this great, wonderful… coming together. But at the same time you get to see, umm, the continuing story of, of Mac and, and his, umm, loving wife, who I cannot remember her name of, clearly. But, or his soon-to-be wife, cause they get married in the second book. But, umm, so there’s all of this wonderful, you know, continuation of the story line. But, umm, Joe and Janey are …uh…very real, because you have this….uh….you don’t really know for sure if they’re gonna to end up, uh, together. I mean you do, because it’s a romance, again.  But…there, it’s very much a real, sort of, …umm….uh…not….what’s the word I’m looking…stop gap….but ummm, there is a real…roadblock to them getting together in that Janey doesn’t know if she actually loves Joe, or if she just…finds him convenient ,because he’s always been there. Which is a very serious problem for her. Umm, and, you know, and, I understand that. 

So…she, it’s so, it’s just great writing and it’s a great story. And you know when you’re looking for some fluff with a story behind it, it’s really great to read. And, you know, you get caught up in characters, and the family love that’s there, and then the friends, and the great, just, chemistry that she writes. And Marie Force does a great job, she’s fantastic, I love it. Umm, so yeah, so it’s a great series to pick up and read and then, and I’m looking forward to reading more of it. So hopefully I’ll get to review another one coming up here shortly. We’ll see how quickly I bust through the next one. So, yeah, if you’re looking for a good read…Check it out. Thanks. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brood of Bones by AE Marling

Transcript of Video

Hey everybody! So I know it’s been a while, but I just finished reading a book called Brood Of Bones by A.E. Marling. It was a really good book. Umm. The only thing that I had trouble with was that it was very wordy. So, it was,…umm….uh, trying to explain what I mean by that. It…took a long time to describe the things that were happening. Umm. Not so much that…it…was wordy in its descriptions, but just…it…there…was a lot happening. It had a, it had a really great story to tell and it had a lot of things involved. So there was the culture of the story that it was telling, and then there was all of the, the history and the story of the character. Umm, the main character Hiresha, who…was amazing, and I’m totally pronouncing her name wrong. But, umm…it, it was interesting, I mean all of it was very intricate and detailed, and incredibly interesting. But it took a long time for the story to move forward. So that was my only problem with it. Umm. Was that I, I really wanted to know what happened, and I wanted to see what, uh, the climax of the story was, and it just took forever to get there. So then, when the climax of the story happened… it felt…very anti-climatic. Because, uh, you took so long to get there…and then all of a sudden it happened…in a very short amount of time. So if felt a little…uh…disappointing? Is not really the word I wanna use, but that’s kind of…what it felt like. Umm, that’s the best word I can come up with off the top of my head. 

But, it was amazingly written. It had a great story, it was, uh, captivating. Umm. Especially once you got into it, and got past sort of…the intro and, and the description and the figuring out what was going on, and, and figuring out your culture that you were reading about, and all of those things. Umm. But, it was really good book and, and it’s definitely one that, umm, that I’m glad I picked up and decided to do something with. But, umm, I don’t know that I would necessarily choose to read more things by, uh, the author. Umm. Just because…it took a long time to read. It took very long to get through. Umm, and…it…uh…didn’t hold my interest as well as, as other books of the, of similar genres that I’ve read. Umm, but it was definitely interesting, it was really well written, and if it’s, umm, your type of book, uh, I would definitely recommend it. Umm, I don’t have, uh, anything horrible to say about the writing itself or the storyline, umm, because it was all very intriguing, and, and it had me hooked. But, umm, but yeah, it was, it was one of the harder books for me to get through, umm, and I hate to say that about anything, but, umm, unfortunately that’s, that’s what I have to say. So, hopefully I’ll get back to posting more often and, and I’ll see you all soon. Thanks!