Thursday, October 9, 2014

Criminal Minds Season 2

Transcript of Video

So, Criminal Minds Season 2. Umm, they basically continue to do what they did in Season 1. Uh, except the writers kind of hit their stride. It’s, you know, everything that happened in Season 1 takes off running in Season 2. Umm, like I said, uh, before, we ended with a cliff hanger in Season 1 and Season 2 picks right up. Umm, you have, umm,  the conclusion of Elle getting shot, and she turns out fine, she, she’s saved, and she’s good to go, and they end up saving the girl, and everything’s fine, umm, and we move on!

But, um, it’s a great season, uh. The thing,  neat thing about Season 2 of Criminal Minds is that we get a chance to look deeper at each of the characters. Umm, there’s so many great episodes. And in each episode sort of takes a look at one of the characters. Umm. It’s, there’s focuses on, on everybody’s past. And, and uh, you, you delve into, uh, everybody, you learn a little bit more.

We do have, umm, there’s some turnover.  Uhh, The character of Elle does end up leaving, uh, the show after I think season… episode 6. Umm, so after her getting shot, she, uh, has a reaction to a case, umm,  where there’s, uh, a rapist, who, umm, is going after women in their own home and since she was shot in her own house, she reacts to that and she, umm, ends up killing the guy? Uh, Which the audience knows, but, umm, the team doesn’t know. So there’s this whole concept of, you know, are you guilty if no one else knows that you are? And taking your word over somebody else’s? It’s an interesting look at guilt and, umm, you know, can you live with what you’ve done, um, based on your reasoning and, and can you reason away something like that? And, uh, Hotch figures it out and basically calls her out and says, you know, here are your choices. She, uh, chooses to leave the BAU, um, and the FBI. And, uh, and so then we get the entrance of, uh, Emily Prentiss and, she uh,  she’s a great character. She’s a great addition to the team. Umm, it’s a new dynamic with a new character, that’s always neat. Umm, so Emily comes in and she starts off running. Uh, she’s kind of a neat character. She’s the daughter of, um, an Ambassador, so she’s grown up in another country, she, she knows some other languages. Umm, and uh, so she’s able to do some translation right away, which is a really interesting aspect to her character. She, umm, she’s able to, to profile different, people from different cultures, because she has learned those different cultures because of being an Ambassador…s, umm, daughter. And, uh, so yeah, so that’s, you know, with the introduction of Emily, it’s kind of a neat, new dynamic to the team. Umm, and she’s, she’s a firecracker, so it’s kind of fun. Uh, she’s a fun addition. It was a good, a good change. A sad loss cause Elle was a great character, but, um, but a good change there.

Umm, another really great episode is, uh, one that focuses on, on Derek Morgan. Umm, It’s called “Profiler, Profiled”. Where the team HAS to come in and, and profile Derek cause he ends up being the, umm, suspect in a murder case. And, uh, it turns out that, umm, he was abused in his childhood. Umm, and he, you know, it’s something he’s kept secret, and he didn’t want anyone to find out, he wasn’t comfortable sharing. And, and um, they have to find out and they delve into because the man who abused him is killing people who are, children who are trying to help him. And uh, it’s, it’s a powerful, powerful episode, and a great character study of Derek, and a great, umm, look at the team’s dynamic. You see them all really come together as the family, as a family unit. Umm, They’re supporting of each other and, and their pain for him, and, and, their yearning to help him, and, and, fear for him, and, and his reluctance to let them help. But then at the same time, you know, when he does break down, uh, he has the support and the love from them. So it’s kind of a neat thing there. Umm.

Another, uh, there’s a two part episode with Reid, where, uh, uh, umm. It’s called, the first one is “The Big Game” and then the second one is “Revelations”. Which is a beautiful, uh beautiful, beautiful set of episodes. Uh, Reid is kidnapped by umm, an unsub and he’s tortured and, uh, both mentally and physically. And he’s, uh, given Dilaudid which causes him to have an issue with addiction, umm, which plays out through some following episodes. But it’s just, augh, it’s heartbreaking to watch. And again, it’s that team dynamic of, of watching this, this team come together and, and, you know, be horrified at the fact that they’ve possibly lost one of their team mates, and, you know, trying to find him, and trying to mentally send out vibes to support him and keep alive and keep him strong. Cause the, umm, they’re able to see, umm. The character is, uh, the unsub is keeping him and videoing him and sending it to them wirelessly. So, you know, they’re able to see what’s going on and, everything that they’re doing to him, and, and it’s just so painful. And, they can’t help him and they’re trying to get to him and figure out where he is and he’s sending them clues without giving it away. And it’s just, augh! It’s a great, it’s a great episode and set of episodes, and it’s, it’s just so hard to watch, but it’s so fantastic. Umm, so, it’s a neat, it’s a neat set up for that.

Umm, and then of course there’s, uh, the end of the season, which…. The great thing about Criminal Minds is they’ll have something happen, umm, in one episode and then that, they don’t let you forget it. They’ll carry things throughout all of the seasons. They, once they introduce something, it, it will come back, they don’t, umm,  it’s not a one episode one off. Umm, you know,  if they introduce a character, you’ll see that character possibly again. If you, umm, you know, if you have something happen to one of the team members it will return and it’ll affect the way that they do their job throughout the rest of the series. You know, it’s, it’s this great. The writers are fantastic! I can’t get over, umm, how crazy they are, cause they, it’s all so ridiculous that it, I don’t, I don’t even know, it just drives me nuts, but umm, how amazing it is. 

But, so, you have an episode in the begi, in the early part of the season where Gideon is pretty much going head to head with, uh, this serial killer in an episode called “No Way Out”. And his name is Frank. And, uh, Gideon, Gideon is, can’t believe this guy, he, this is the craziest thing ever. And, umm, at the end of the series Frank comes back, cause Frank got away. They weren’t able to capture him. And, uh, so Frank comes back at the end of the season, and starts trying to kill off, umm, people that the team has saved, that we’ve seen throughout the first two seasons. And, and it’s just horrifying and it finally breaks Gideon. And, you know, at the end of the season Frank commits suicide and , and um, you know Gideon is just, is shattered and we don’t know what’s going to happen. And that’s where the season ends. And it was like this…It’s not so much a cliffhanger in this, in this season, but, oh, it’s just like a total degradation of everything that, you know this, the leader that we’ve seen through these two seasons and the whole team just kind of is like; “whoa, we don’t know what to do, and we don’t know where to go”. And, oh my gosh, I mean, it’s just, it’s this huge, blaugh moment.  Umm, but yeah, it’s a great season. Season 2 is fantastic and it just leads off into the rest of the series. Because you now have, um, you know, new blood with Emily Prentiss. You have, umm, you know, great, these great, uh insights into these characters and you’ve grown to love them even more. And it, it just takes off from there. So that’s it on that. Enjoy! See ya later!