Friday, August 29, 2014

An Attempt at Positive Karma

Transcript of Video

You know those days where, umm, you wake up and you think everything is going well, and then you realize that, umm, things are just going wrong umm, and it’s not because really of anything that anybody does and it’s not because of anything that, umm you really can put your finger on. It’s just that bad things seem to be happening, like, umm, things break down, or you just have this rash of negative things that happen, umm. Kinda had one of those days today, and uh, I don’t know, I just feel the need to put some positive energy back out into the world, I guess, so, umm, I was like I need to kinda dwell on positive thoughts.

So, umm, I kind of think that positive thinking is, umm, a way of life I guess. Uhh, I have always kind of, umm, lived by the idea that you, umm, can choose your attitude for the day. Umm, you know you wake up in the morning and you think, umm, I’m gonna be positive today, or I, you know, I’m not feeling it today. I don’t really, I’m not in the mood, or I’m sick, or you know, I’ve got a headache today, I’m not feeling it. Umm, you know, and that, it does kind of temper your day, you know? You can sort of see how that makes out the rest of your day. Umm, and you know as much as I try to be positive, I, I like to think I’m a positive person. Umm, lately I’ve realized that I am not as positive as I, as I used to be and I’m sure my co-workers can, can attest to that.

Umm, uh usually when, you know, things aren’t going all that well, and, and I feel the frustration and all that negative energy around I sort of tune out as much as I can and umm, you know they probably notice that I’ll turn on the radio and switch it onto K-Love and listen to some positive music and umm. You know just kinda try and get that positive vibe going. You know chitchat a little and get some laughter moving and umm, you know cause laughter. It’s hard to be negative when you’re laughing. Umm, I think laughter is really the cure for everything. I, I can’t really think of anything else that makes me feel better, you know? I uh, I don’t know…it’s…and there’s something about…friends, and people who, you know, can make you laugh, you know? I’ve, I’ve got some great people around me, umm, at work and, you know my friends and the people that I can turn to that I can turn to that can make you laugh at the drop of a hat. You know? Those people that all it takes is you know, hey I need, I need a break and I need to, I need to just chitchat for a minute because I’m gonna explode, and, and they’re right there, you know? And that’s such a great thing to have, especially when you’re having those days when nothing’s going right. Umm, cause that, that little bit of levity can, can make the day bearable, you know, and sometimes completely turn it around and I think that’s amazing. 

Umm, and you know I just, it’s one of those just crazy things to always be positive and to always find the positive in everything. I don’t know that there is positive in everything. Umm, but there’s, you know, those people that can find it everywhere and I, I used to think that I was one of those. And, and umm, I try to be, you know, there’s sometimes you can, and, and I find it in almost everything now, but sometimes it’s hard, and, and you know, it’s, it’s definitely, definitely hard, but you know. The more positive you are, the more positive people around you are, and you know that, it can grow and that positivity grows. And you put that seed out there and see what you can plant I guess. But, umm, so yeah, I needed to put a little positive seed out into the world today because it was kind of a rough one, so hopefully this brightens your day a little, and if not I’m sorry, and if it does then hopefully the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend is good. Thanks!

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  1. It is hard to remain positive all the time, but we can certainly work on starting each day in a positive way and hope that it continues from there.