Thursday, September 4, 2014

Unauthorized Access by Andrew McAllister

Transcript of Video

Ok, So…I just finished reading Unauthorized Access by Andrew McAllister. Now this book is a thriller, or at least that’s how it’s classified. And, um, the thing that I really, really like about this book in particular is, um, the way that, uh, because it’s written in third person, uh, you’re able to get inside everybody’s head, like literally. The writer writes from, I think almost every character’s perspective. Which is really nice. Um, As an actor it’s very hard sometimes to understand the….motivation for characters that are the…bad guys, quote, unquote. And the neat thing about this book is that, um, you really get the chance to see the motivation of the …bad guy. So, that is something that I really appreciated about this book.

Umm, it’s a really interesting cyber attack book. I’m not really a huge, uh, cyber attack fan. Umm, Not that I’ve really read books, any books about cyber attacks, um, you know. But, um, this is really well written, there’s, umm, depth of character, there’s all kinds of interesting things going on. Umm, you don’t really know what’s going to happen, and that was the really, really neat part about the book. Umm, everybody, uh everything happens, uh, so fast, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat, and things, scenes jump from one to another. Umm But not in a way that’s confusing, but in a way that you never really know, umm, where it’s gonna go, or what’s gonna happen. Uh, which is the great thing about a thriller, it keeps you on your, on the edge of your seat and you want to know what’s going to happen next. Umm, so that was really, really well written and really intense and very, very cool. Umm, I would show you the book, but it’s uh, an e-book, so I, I can’t, I don’t have the book with me, it’s on my phone, but, umm. 

So, yeah, it was just a great book. Umm, The one thing that I didn’t like. There was…there, You know, there’s always a little bit negati, negative. But, uh, was the female character, the girlfriend, Lesley. While I could understand her motivation, cause you hear the, uh, back story, and her, her back story, and her life and all of that information. Um, So you understand where she’s coming from. I had a very hard time liking her? Umm. I couldn’t….uhhh, ooo, what’s the word that I’m looking for?…I couldn’t … Sympathize! … that’s, that’s what it is. I couldn’t sympathize, uh, with her lack of… belief in the main character. Umm, it was very, very hard, uh, to, to be sympathetic and to, to like her until the very end. Um, I, while I, you know enjoyed her character and there, she was a strong women and she was very, um, there was a lot to her. Umm, I just, I got mad at her and I didn’t, she frustrated me the whole book, up until the very end. So, um, that was just the one, the one negative thing about the book. 

But otherwise it was a fantastic story and there’s all kinds of intrigue and, and you know, just plot lines that intermingle. And, and I love getting into everybody’s head. And it was incredibly well written. So I will definitely check out other books by this author because, um, it was fascinating. So, yeah, that’s what I think and check it out!

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