Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best Man by Kristan Higgins

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All right, so I just finished this book right here, which is: The Best Man by Kristan Higgins. It is a really good book. Umm, she’s an amazing author, first of all, let me just get that out of the way. Umm, so this book is the first book in the Blue Heron series, which is the name of the Holland family vineyard up in, um, the Finger Lakes region of New York. And, so, this book focuses on Faith Holland, who is the youngest child of the Holland Family, umm, proper. And, she comes back home after having, uh, kinda run away, uh, because of, uh,  her…fiancé telling her that she was gay, er, that he was gay, sorry, her fiancé telling her that HE was gay. Umm, at their wedding, so she had moved away, to San Francisco, uh, for like 3 years. And comes back home. And, uh, the best man, clearly, uh, was her fiancé’s best friend and he’s the one who outed him, or kind of, um convinced him to out himself. And, uh, she ends up falling in love with him, and, Levi Cooper is his name. And, they fall in love and blahda blahda blah. So that’s the storyline.

And, it’s a great, uh, just a great story. It’s, there’s so many rich characters. The thing I love about Kristan Higgins’ books is that, she sucks you in, from the get go. The characters are so real and they’re so intriguing. And her writing style is so natural and so…..what’s the word? Natural and free-flowing and, and seductive that you, it pulls you in and won’t let you go. Umm, you, you just wanna jump in and, and read right through it. I mean I literally read the book in like a day and a half because I wanted to know what happens. You get so invested in her characters and in the storyline and in the people that… And not just the main characters. Not just the story, the characters that the story is about, but everybody else. All of their family members, the friends, the sub characters. I mean there’s the whole town of, that you get to find out about. Umm, you wanna know what’s gonna happen and you wanna know what’s around the corner and  you wanna see all of those things happen. 

Plus she has this great ability to write real chemistry. And that’s re, a really neat thing, um, that not a lot of ac, uh, authors have. Umm, her, her characters aren’t fake. They’re not, it’s not that typical A and B romance story. I mean it’s not boy meets girl, you fall in love,  you’re with,  harr, thrown an obstacle, and then they overcome the obstacle and they get together. Like, there’s, it’s, you no, you don’t really  know what’s going to happen. And I’ve read several of her books now and it’s, every single one is different. You never really know what the storyline’s gonna do. I mean, clearly, some, you know, eventually the characters are going to get together. But it’s always, you don’t how it’s gonna happen, and  you don’t know who’s gonna be involved, and you don’t know what twists and turns are gonna happen. So it’s really interesting to find out, you know, where the storyline is going to take you. Plus it’s just really fun to read about all of the other characters. Because each character has such a great history and they have, you know, these great wounds that they have to overcome. And, and, you know, everybody, everybody does, everybody has history, everybody needs to get through something to really open themselves up to a relationship and to really let somebody in. And she is so good at writing about that and really making it real. And, and helping those characters come together and solve those things for each other and…

This book is yet another great example. The Best Man is so fantastic. Both of the characters… have….just…they’re really rich and they’re very… At first I didn’t really know what to think of, of the character of Faith Holland. I loved Levi. I thought he was a great character, and he had this great depth and this insane compl…you know, and he was just a complex character that, that was so full and rich. And, Faith I wasn’t really sure about, I was like, “she’s not her normal female lead”. Umm, she was, seemed a little weaker and then, all of a sudden, like, she just totally fleshed her out. And all, I was like, “oh, there’s the twist, got it” and you fall in love with her, and are totally behind her. Umm, and, I mean it’s crazy, there’s so many, I don’t wanna give anything away because there’s just so much to it. But, it’s a great book, you should check it out, I think you’ll love it. Um, yeah, so I think that’s it, check it out. Kristan Higgins. The Best Man. You won’t be sorry. Enjoy!

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