Thursday, August 28, 2014

These Tangled Threads, by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

Transcript of Video:

Ok! Book review #1. Here is.. Here is the first book. I’m gonna hold it up there. So this is These Tangled Threads, by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. Umm, it’s actually the third book in a uh, trilogy of books called the Bells of Lowell Trilogy, uhh which is based off of a town in, I believe it’s Lowell, Massachusetts? I believe, I’m not sure that Massachusetts is the right one. But anyway, umm, so it’s the third book and I would have started with the first book, but, umm, this is the book I finished most recently so that’s where I’m starting.

Umm, I really, really, liked this book of the three. I think it was my favorite. Umm, Not only because we really got a chance to see all of the characters that you’ve met throughout the trilogies umm, flourish. Umm, but it was also the most, umm, comprehensive, of, of the society and of the the things that are happening at the time. Umm, I love history, umm, I was a history major, so these books umm, are such a great combination of, umm, historical fiction, uhh, historical romance, umm, there’s some great Christian fiction in there. Umm, but it’s, what I love about the, the religious aspect of these books is that umm, it doesn’t hit you over the head. It’s umm, it’s laced into these characters in a very real and very honest way. Umm, I think that all of these characters come to their belief in, in God and, and their expression of their religion umm,and their faith is, is very, very honest and very true. And even though all of the characters are very religious, they’re not, it’s not the main theme of the book. Umm, it’s sort of just a part of how they live their lives and how they come to the realizations that they do. 

Umm, I’d say that the only thing that I don’t like about this third book is that umm, they are romances, the three novels, they sort of each focus on, on the one heroine. Umm This one being the character Daughtie Winfield. Umm, they didn’t, uh, there was not a whole lot of, umm, what’s the word I’m looking for?… uhh you didn’t see the growth of Daughtie and Liam Donoghue’s relationship. Umm. There were pieces of it, but there was so much story to be told that umm, you didn’t get to see it flourish as much as we did the two previous relationships. Umm. And that I kind of was sad about, because it’s the most controversial of the three books. Umm, because there, it’s uh, an American girl, um and a man who is, umm, Irish, so it’s one of those things that, umm, doesn’t, uhh, it’s a very huge social, umm, it’s not accepted socially. The words aren’t coming to me. Umm, so it, umm, you know,  it, it would have been great to see that all come together in, in more of a umm, plotline through the story. Umm, So that sort of I felt cheated on.

But umm, the rest of it was, was fantastic. There’s such great, you see the rest of the characters, and you see where they’ve expanded to and those relationships have continued to grow. Umm, there’s some great social controversy, and, and umm they bring in uh, the concept of the ani-slavery movements at that time. And, umm, there’s just some beautiful…uh…examples of…sorry, examples of umm, society at the time and how, you know the society was controlled by men, but how women were able to influence umm, and sort of lend their opinion into how society was run. Umm, so it’s really, really interesting and it’s really well-written and just beautifully, beautifully done. So, if you get a chance to read the Bells of Lowell trilogy I would totally do it. But if you only want to read one of them, I would read the third one, because it’s definitely, umm, got the most meat to it, umm, and is, is fantastic, umm. So yeah, that’s all I have to say about that. And , and hopefully I’ll see you again soon. Thanks!

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  1. Very good and fun. Makes me want to read the trilogy! --Mom