Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Tamed By You" by Kate Perry

Transcript of Video

All right, so I just finished reading a book called Tamed by Love by Kate Perry, which is the 7th book in her “Laurel Heights” series. This is a book series set in the Laurel Heights neighborhood in San Francisco, CA. It is a…upper class? Upper, middle class? Uh, neighborhood that is full of small little boutique shops, and so the series takes place around the umm, very…independent, and, umm, strong women, who…run those, uh,…businesses that are, uh, in that neighborhood. 

So this book is based on a character by the name of Valentine, who is a matchmaker. And she’s trying to find her way, because she’s not a very good matchmaker. And she’s realizing that that’s the case, that she’s not very good at it. But she is really good at, um, computer science and developing, umm, computer applications, and phone applications and things like that. And she’s trying to decide how to break the news to her mother who she inherited the matchmaking business from, to tell her that she’s really not a good matchmaker. And she falls in love with a very quiet, uh, former prizefighter named Ethan, and we’ve seen him a little bit in previous books, cause you know you always do in these series romantic fictions. And she’s friends with other characters that we’ve seen in the books before, and it’s very fun to, umm, get a chance to follow up with those characters as always, and to see how they, umm, relate to each other throughout the book. 

And, umm, the neat thing about Kate Perry’s series is that there’s always 2 story lines. Umm, sometimes they’re connected, and sometimes they’re not. This one doesn’t really connect until the very end of the book. Which is really nice, so it’s, ummm. Characters that we’ve seen in other books, which doesn’t always happen, But it’s nice because in this book you’re following 2 story lines of characters that you’ve already connected with. Umm, and that other story line is, uh, Tony or Anthony, and Sophie Martinou who is an actress who has come to the San Francisco area to stay at Tony’s house, umm, she’s kind of squatting in his house, which is kind of funny. That creates a whole dynamic that is hilarious. And, they’re, umm, circling around each other for a lot of the book. And, so you get to follow both of these…uh, great story lines and see two very different, umm, love stories develop. 

And that’s the neat thing about these books is that, umm, the story lines are very similar, umm, the love…romantic relationships are…similar. The relationships…umm…as I repeat myself, sorry, … they umm, while the circumstances are different, cause the, the four characters are, are very different people. Their…uh, status of , uh, where they are in their…love path is similar. So they’re facing, umm, they’re concept of where they are romantically is very similar. So you’re watching them go through these romantic relationships, umm, and, and fight it in the same… way, or fight it differently, but they’re both kind of on the same path to finding this, you know, their new romantic relationship. That you as a reader are clearly like “you need to get together”.  And, uh, they’re fighting it. And it’s very fun to read these two story lines. And you fall equally in love with all 4 characters, which is nice, umm. And you, she writes very well, Kate Perry does. Umm, Is very good at…uh…filling out all, both stories, so you’re able to follow along with both of them equally well. So it’s not, she doesn’t spend…more time on, umm, uh, obviously she spends more time on the A story, which is the, for this book is Valentine and Ethan, but you get enough of the B story, umm…that you are satisfied…with it. So that’s, it’s very nice. You, you get sort of 2 stories in one with these and it’s very exciting and, and you have a lot of fun with it. Umm, it’s a great series, it’s umm, it’s light, and, and fun, and, there’s, there’s you know, there’s enough back-story, and, and enough story to it that it’s, you sink your teeth into it. But it’s not so much that, uh, it’s a light, fluffy read. You don’t have to think to hard about it. You can kind of just, uh easy, breezy run through it, and, and you get it going and, and through it and it’s fun. It’s a fun read. Easy to get through. Umm, but not so empty, that it’s just fluff, there’s a lot of heart to the story as well. So, umm, if you’re looking for a fun, easy read that gives you just enough crunch to get, get through the day then I would check it out. The “Laurel Heights” series, Kate Perry, number 7, Tamed by You. Enjoy!

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